I had the worst vaginal itching of my life. After 2 days of femmesil, I’m back to my old happy self. This is a miracle

March, 2008: I stumbled upon your website when I went in search of a problem that I was having with External Vaginal Itching. It was the worst itching I have ever experienced, and no matter what I did for it, nothing worked. I was desperate, so I was happy I found your website and discovered that many women who gave testimonials on “Femmesil” basically described the problem I was having. Their success with the product made me order it instantly. I’m happy to say that after 2 days of using this miracle ointment, and I do mean miracle, I am 90% better, and I just know in another few days I will probably be 100% back to my old, happy self. As a teacher, this has become a God send to me. There is nothing worse then standing in front of your students and having your mind only half there because of that awful itching. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I will definitely be reordering this product, because I never want to be without it. I am also going to recommend this product to all my girl friends and women co-workers. I am no longer going to suffer in silence, for I now know there is something better than the anti-itch creams in the store. Many of those creams have benzocaine, which I know is a drying agent. They may stop the itching temporarily, but I realize now they were probably also making it worse by drying out the external vaginal area. I think the concept behind “Femmesil” and it being an ointment that enhances softness, moisture, and healing agents was definitely the way I wanted to go. So thanks again. I am now smiling because I found this product. I will definitely keep your website bookmarked on my computer. –Kathryn F., Arizona, USA


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